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eco4 scheme

Energy Efficiency
Grants for Great

ECO4 started in April 2022, it is a government energy efficiency scheme for Great Britain, administered by Ofgem. ECO4 is helping to make this a country that works for everyone, with key policies helping to bring down bills for moderate and low-income households.

Boiler Replacement

Grants for new A-rated boilers, fully installed with warranty

Electric Storage Heaters Upgrades

Free upgrades if you have an electric wall heaters or inefficient storage heaters.


Internal wall insulation can improve your home’s thermal efficiency and reduce your heating bills

First Time Central Heating Grants

FTCH systems will include a new A-rated boiler plus new boiler pipework, radiators.

eco4 scheme

Energy Efficiency
Grants for Great

Eco4 Started in April 2022, ECO4 is a government initiative aimed at enhancing energy efficiency in Great Britain. Administered by Ofgem, ECO4 plays a vital role in creating an inclusive and affordable energy landscape for all, particularly benefiting households with moderate and low incomes by reducing their utility bills.

eco4 scheme

Why is the public being given free heating measures and insulation?

Since 2013, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) has been in operation. It constitutes a crucial part of the government’s efforts to decrease fuel consumption and optimize energy efficiency in residences across Britain.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) mandates significant energy suppliers to generate noteworthy carbon reductions by enhancing the energy efficiency of British households. We are currently in Phase 4 of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which commenced in April 2022.

Keep in mind that the eligibility criteria set by Ofgem can evolve over time. If you didn’t meet the requirements in Phase 3, you might qualify for Phase 4. Determine your eligibility by using our eligibility checker

3 Simple Steps


Apply Now, it takes just a couple of minutes, either online or over the phone. One of our friendly advisors will go through a straightforward evaluation process and advise you if you qualify for any ECO4 funding.


Once you’ve meet the criteria, we will arrange a free, no obligation home assessment survey, they will recommend the best eco measures to reduce your homes energy usage.


The installation of your free energy efficiency measures will be carried out by our experienced heating engineers, on a date to suit you.
Fully certified gas safe heating engineers perform all our boiler installations.

Frequently asked questions

The funding comes from larger energy companies through The Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) phase 43. It sets a responsibility on energy companies to reduce lifetime heating costs in households. The scheme is regulated by Ofgem

You do, we all do. The big energy companies collect a percentage of our energy bills we pay and use that money for energy-saving measures like boiler replacements, cavity walls, and loft insulation and plus many more.

In our experience 80% of residents can qualify for funding, 15% require a small contribution of up to £300 to receive 1000’s in energy-saving upgrades. Unfortunately, 5% are outside of the current criteria set by the government. Use our eligibility checker or contact our office to schedule an assessment.

No, unemployment is just one of the many criteria included in the 4th phase of the Energy Companies Obligation, since April 2022 ECO4 has been changed to include more middle-income families and the elderly. Most households qualify because they have children under 16, however, our experts will quickly assess your information even if you did not meet the criteria in the past.

You have several options, you can use our eligibility checker, send us a quick message through our contact form below or call our head office for free on 0128 2570000

Generally less than 45 minutes, Our qualified assessor will arrange a time to suit you, they will evaluate your current circumstances and provide you with details of the energy-saving measures available to you, along with energy and cost savings benefits you’ll gain enabling you to make an informed decision.


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